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Trivia Time - Our "Senior Seniors"

General Interest | Sat 3-Oct-2009 3:50pm
Every club has them.

Grey hair (or none at all!), a slight paunch around the middle (or maybe a pronounced paunch!), dodgy knees (and back, and neck, and shoulder, and hips...). And yet, season after season they manage to ease their creaking joints off the couch and into their whites, a decision most will rue by 6pm on the first day of each new season.

And whilst I personally have retained a small level of sanity by choosing to retire and bask in the glory of victories past, these determined and loyal servants of the Club go into battle once more today, determined to get every last ounce of enjoyment that they can out of the game they love, before Mother Nature finally puts her foot down and says "no more!"

That's right, they're our "Senior Seniors"!

But just how long have our longest serving current players been around the Club?
Here's a list of the fifteen longest serving players who are still silly enough (er, I mean, doing themselves and the Club proud) to be chasing leather every other Saturday afternoon.
  1. Mark Hughes (debuted in Round 1 of season 1982/83)
  2. Warren Page (R1, 1983/84)
  3. Shane MacGregor (R8, 1984/85)
  4. Andrew Nicholls (R7, 1987/88)
  5. Wayne Jewell (R1, 1988/89)
  6. Denis Irvine (R1, 1989/90)
  7. Clint Semmel (R4, 1990/91)
  8. Richard Ballard (R5, 1991/92)
  9. Paul Brazier (R7, 1992/93)
  10. Jason Beer (R8, 1992/93)
  11. Andrew Wright (R1, 1994/95)
  12. Steve MacGregor (R5, 1996/97)
  13. Will Neil (R2, 1998/99)
  14. James Jensen (R2, 1999/2000)
  15. Hadleigh Fischer (R6, 1999/2000)

And like fine bottles of wine, they just keep getting better with age, each and every one of them.

So, from one retired Cougar, to 15 others who probably should have by now, I salute you. Play Hard, Play Fair, and Go Cougars!