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Club History

In 1959, a group of interested cricketers from the fledgling Glen Waverley Church of Christ entered a team in the Burwood District Cricket Association and registered a premiership in its initial year.

Grounds were hard to obtain in the Waverley area and the team’s home venue was some distance away at Gardiner Park. Three seasons later the club entered the South Suburban Churches Cricket Association in Second grade, but went into recess for two seasons. In 1965 the club reformed in Fifth grade, playing at Syndal Tech and in 1967/68 and 1968/69 won its first two premierships at Pinewood Reserve.

Waverley was rapidly growing with strong cricket teams in the area including Glen Waverley Presbyterian, Mt. Waverley Methodist, Syndal Baptist and Syndal Presbyterian with competition being very keen between the local clubs. Late in the 1960s, a junior team was formed and by the mid-1970s the club had grown to 3 senior and 3 junior teams. A fourth senior team was added in the following decade.

By the end of the 1970s the club had secured six senior and two junior flags. Consolidation took place in the 1980s, with the club winning 3 senior and four junior flags. The 1990s proved to be the club’s most successful era with six senior and six junior flags.

In season 2000/01, the club changed its name to Glen Waverley Cougars Cricket Club, and since then, has added 7 senior and 7 junior flags, to bring the club record to a total of 41 premierships (22 senior and 19 junior) and 44 runners-up (19 senior, 25 junior). The club has also won the S.T.Ellis Club Championship 5 times and the W.L.Smith Club Efficiency award 5 times.

In season 2014/15 the senior teams affiliated with the Eastern Cricket Association following the demise of the Southern District and Churches Cricket League’s senior division after 100 years of history. The junior teams now compete in the Inner South East Cricket League (previously SDCCL).

Currently the club is fielding 4 senior, and 1 veteran team. The club has had numerous home grounds including Pinewood, Lum Road, Southern Reserve, Capital Reserve, Syndal Technical College, Freeway Reserve and Glen Waverley Secondary College. Today the club enjoys the excellent facilities at Glen Waverley North Reserve.

The club celebrated a very successful 50th anniversary in 2012 with the naming of the following best elevens from its first 25 years and second 25 years.

“Pioneer All Stars” (1959-1985): Brian Squires, Ray Dunk, Graeme Dunk, Don Bienvenu, David Tidd, Neil Graham, Julian Hughes, Alan Hillier, Lindsay Alabaster, Wal Squires and David Clement.

“Second Generation All Stars” (1986-2010): Wayne Jewell, James Jensen, Rohan Thompson, Jon McGough, Richard Davey, Stephen Lloyd, Matthew Van Eck, Shane MacGregor, Mark Alabaster, Rohan Baumann and Clinton Semmel.

In 2017 the Club celebrated 50 years of the Junior movement.

In 2022/23 the Club moved over to the more local Box Hill Reporter District Cricket Association.

Life members of the club are Mal McGregor, Don Bienvenu, Julian Hughes, Al Hillier, David Waters, Lindsay Alabaster, Mark Hughes, David Smith, Des McLachlan, David Thompson, Rohan Baumann, Shane MacGregor, Richard Davey, Jon McGough, Robert Huggan, Jason Barrie, Warren Page, Wayne Jewell, Andrew Wright, Clinton Semmel, Richard Ballard and Graham Oppy

As contributed by Don Bienvenu

Chronology of Significant Club Milestones

1959/60Glen Waverley Church of Christ Cricket Club formed, and entered the Burwood District C.A. playing at Gardiner Park, winning our first Senior Premiership.
1961/62Junior team fielded, for one season only.
Club moves to Syndal Tech oval.
1963-65Club in recess for two seasons.
1965/66Club reformed playing in South Suburban Churches Cricket Association.
1967/68Senior team wins back to back flags.
Home ground Pinewood Reserve.
1968/69Under 14 team formed.
1971/72Senior team wins third flag in five seasons.
1972/73Second Senior team formed and wins flag.
Home grounds Lum Rd and Southern Res.
1973-75U/12 team introduced followed by the U/16’s.
1975/76Secure Capital Reserve as the Club’s Headquarters.
1977/78Club fields 3 senior and 3 junior teams.
2nd XI and U/16’s Premiers.
1978/79U/16’s win back to back flags.
Club wins second S.T.Ellis Award – most successful Club.
1980/81First XI promoted to Shield Grade (the competition’s highest grade).
1981/82Club wins first W.L.Smith Award as most efficient Club in S.S.C.C.A.
1983/84U/14’s win second flag whilst 3rd XI record their first flag.
1984/853rd XI in back to back flags as U/14’s finish Runners Up.
1986/87Club is moved from Capital Res. to Glen Waverley High School and Syndal Tech ovals.
Club is Incorporated.
1988/89Club Champion Award introduced.
U/14’s win first of consecutive flags.
1989/90Appointment of Skills Coach David Thopson and 4th XI formed.
1990/91Glen Waverley North Reserve Pavilion secured as home base.
Back-To’s introduced.
1992/93“Club’s Finest Hour” as both 1st XI and 2nd XI win Premierships.
1994/95South Suburban Churches Cricket Assoc. merge with Oakleigh Dist. to form S.D.C.C.L. (Southern District Churches Cricket League)
U/12’s win their first flag after being runners-up on 7 occasions.
1995/96Four Senior and two Junior teams in Finals as Club wins the most successful Club Award.
1996/97Club adopts “Cougars” as its identity.
Club merchandise available.
1996-99U/14’s win first of three consecutive flags.
1997/98Junior Club Champions in S.D.C.C.L. as U/16’s and U/14’s Premiers and U/12’s in semi.
1998/99Six of club’s seven teams in finals.
2nd XI and U/14’s win flags.
4th XI also win a flag, by 1 run after taking Toorak’s last four wickets for 0 runs.
1999/2000No Senior teams featuring in finals for the first time in 18 seasons.
Club celebrates 40th anniversary with a Legend’s Match.
2000/01Official name change to Glen Waverley Cougars Cricket Club.
2001/02100 year celebration of South Suburban Cricket.
Club features in “Centenary Book”
2002/031st XI wins Clubs 17th Senior Premiership whilst U/12’s win 14th Junior flag.
2003/04No senior or junior teams in Grand Final for first time since 1973/74.
2004Publication of comprehensive booklet containing Senior player statistics and club records
2005/06Club vacates Glen Waverley North Reserve whilst Council erect new $600,000 Pavilion.
2006Club celebrates opening of newly built pavilion at Glen Waverley North Reserve (on October 23rd).
2006/072nd XI win club’s 18th Senior flag.
2007/08U/17’s team win their first flag in only their second season.
Club wins W.L.Smith Club Efficiency award for the fifth time. Club moves away from playing and training at G.W. Secondary College.
Publication of comprehensive booklet containing Junior player statistics along with Club, Senior and Junior player numbers.
2008/09U/17’s win back to back premierships.
2009/10Club raises over $20,000 – thanks to tireless efforts of Lindsay Alabaster, who co-ordinated sponsorships, donations and fundraising – towards cricket nets at G.W.North Reserve
(nets are installed in 2010/11 season after agreement with Council on 50/50 basis).
2010/11Clubrooms at Glen Waverley North Reserve destroyed by fire.
2011/12Clubrooms restored and available for start of season.
Club’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, highlighted by family day at Glen Waverley North Reserve and Gala Dinner with 110 past players and members in attendance.
Two teams of the best Senior players of the past 50 years were announced.
2012/13Record number of runs in one round by senior teams (combined total of 1871 runs)
Resurfacing of outfield at Glen Waverley North Reserve.
2nd XI and 3rd XI win premierships, whilst the First Xl finish top of 2nd Grade but were Runners up.
2013/14First Xl and Under 13’s finish Runners up.
2014/15The demise of the SDCCL senior division, club joins Eastern Cricket Association.
U/13’s in an exciting final coming from 4th position wins 18th Junior flag for the club.
2015/16U/17’s win 19th Junior flag for the club.
Decision to field a one-day Senior team.
No Senior team reached the finals for first time in 12 seasons.
Unable to field an U/13 team.
Strong support for Trivia and Pink Stump events.
Club returns a profit, the first for 4 seasons.
2016/17150 people attend a past players day to celebrate 50 years of the Junior movement,
at which two teams of the best Junior players for the past 50 years were announced.
Continued great support for Trivia and Pink Stump events.
U/15’s finish runners up whilst 1st XI and 2nd Xl feature in semi-finals.
One-day team lapses but an U/13 team is fielded.
2017/18Healthy profit of $6000 recorded on the back of sponsorships & trivia night.
3rd XI and U/17 teams feature in semi-finals.
2018/19Over 100 past and present players gathered to honour 50 years of service by Don Bienvenu and celebrate the 1st Xl flag of 1968/69 and 2nd Xl flag of 1998/99.
At the gathering a presentation was made to Don with the naming of the “Don Bienvenu Pavilion”.
Formation of the Veterans team and an U/11’s side but no U/13’s.
2nd Xl and the U/17’s reach the Grand Final but finish Runners Up.
There was also increased numbers for the 3 Senior teams.
2019/201st Xl, 2nd Xl (top) and Veterans (top) all in the semi finals but register losses.
Only 1 Junior team U/17’s fielded for the season due to a shortage of players.
Sound financial position boosted by $3500 grant despite no major fundraising.
Electronic live scoring for 1st Xl games commence.
No Presentation night due to restrictions from the Covid 19 shutdown.
2020/21All 5 Senior teams reached the Finals with the 2nd Xl taking out the Club’s 40th premiership flag and the 3rd Xl the Club’s 43rd runners up award.
Unfortunately for the first time in 50 years, the Club was unable to field a Junior side.
Despite the restrictions of Covid 19, the Club recorded a sound financial return for the season.
2021/22The 3rds,4ths(LOC) and Veterans made the Finals with the 4th X1 winning an exciting G.F.
Another season with Covid restrictions and one day games in all grades.
A good response with 24 Under 11 juniors involved in the Woolworths Blast program.
A new central wicket installed at G.W North and a new Club website launched.
Proposed move to Box Hill Reporter competition for Senior teams in 2022/23 season.

Chronology of Significant Individual Achievements

1959/60Brian Squires scores 4 centuries in amassing a record 1039 runs in a season.
Graeme Frecker is club’s first secretary and later becomes Mayor of Waverley.
Frank Dunk is member of our first premiership team. His three sons, Ray, Ken and Graeme, also feature in later premierships.
1967/68Captain Don Bienvenu scores 132 in 1st Xl Grand Final win and tallies up 538 runs for the season and wins Assoc award.
1968/69Neil Graham takes 8/33 and 5/55 whilst Don Bienvenu compiles 128no for a comprehensive 1st Xl Grand Final victory.
1971/72Ray Dunk has match figures of 13/38 and a season’s tally of 55 wickets in First XI.
1972/73Alan Hillier takes 13/63 in 2nd XI match and spearheads team to flag.
Julian Hughes gains selection in Carnival team to play in Hobart.
1973-74Wal Squires snares 8/13 to hold the best 1st XI bowling figures.
1974-75Peter Good scores 132 in U/12’s to be the first century-maker in Juniors.
1974/75 to 1977/78Rob Bienvenu is first to captain Junior teams at U/16, U/14 and U/12 level. Warren Page follows in period 1978/79 to 1981/82. Rob goes on to captain 1st XI in 1983/84 and 1984/85.
1974/75 to 1981/82David Tidd, in three seasons as captain and five as vice-captain, wins 5 batting and 2 bowling awards.
1982/83Malcolm McGregor elected as club’s first Life Member after serving 12 seasons as club President.
1983/84Rohan Thompson registers three centuries playing in U/14’s.
Don Bienvenu becomes the club’s second life member.
1983/84 to 1993/94Mark Hughes coaches Junior teams for ten seasons, including consecutive U/14’s flags.
1984/85Mark Alabaster becomes 4th brother, following Ray, Lindsay and Ian, to captain Junior teams.
1985/86Shane MacGregor wins the League’s Junior Cricketer of the Year.
Julian Hughes becomes the club’s third life member.
1986/87Justin Aitken takes Club record of 9/18 in 3rd XI Grand Final, surpassing Gavin Hands’ 9/19 in the same season.
Alan Hillier becomes the club’s fourth life member.
Julian Hughes becomes President of S.S.C.C.A. for a term of 3 years.
1988/89Wayne Jewell wins the inaugural Club Champion Award.
Rohan Baumann wins the Australian Churches Carnival bowling trophy, and gains selection in the All-Australian team.
Peter Roach captains U/14 team to a flag. He later captains District side Hawthorn-Monash to Premiership honours, and also becomes wicket-keeper for the Victorian state team.
David Waters becomes the club’s fifth life member.
1989/90Warren Page and Wayne Jewell feature in a 1st XI opening partnership of 202 runs.
Lindsay Alabaster becomes the club’s sixth life member.
1989/90 to 1998/99David Thompson is appointed the club’s Skills Coach and gives 10 years dedicated service.
1991/92Mark Hughes becomes the club’s seventh life member.
1994/953rd XI score 9/484 at Caulfield Park to record club’s highest team total.
4th Xl – Mano Muttiah and Clinton Semmel post a 3rd wicket partnership of 285.
1994/95 to 1997/98Andrew Powell has achieved the batting and bowling awards in U/12, U/14 and U/16.
1995/96David Smith becomes the club’s eighth life member.
1996/97Des McLachlan becomes the club’s ninth life member.
Don Bienvenu coaches 3 consecutive Premierships with the U/12’s.
1997/98Andrew Powell wins the League’s Junior Cricketer of the Year and scores four centuries playing in the U/16 team.
1998/99Shaun O’Connor throws the wicket down enabling the 4th XI to win the flag by 1 run.
Matt Brand and Rob Davies set a record 6th wicket stand of 192 runs during 2nd XI Grand Final victory.
David Thompson becomes the club’s tenth life member.
1999/2000 to 2002/03Rob Huggan coaches U/12’s to 3 flags in 4 seasons.
2000Don Bienvenu receives the Australian Sports Medal for services to cricket.
2000/01Jason Beer scores 199 runs in 2nd XI to record the club’s highest individual score.
2000/01 to 2003/04Jon McGough wins 4 consecutive 1st XI batting awards.
2001/02Rohan Baumann becomes the club’s 11th life member.
2002/03Matt Brand compiles 189 runs as 1st XI posts a record score of 5/463.
Clinton Semmel has match figures of 13/114 in 2nd XI against Monash.
2002Don Bienvenu elevated to Life Membership of S.D.C.C.L.
2003/04Anne MacGregor wins the President’s Award and is the first lady to win a club award.
Shane MacGregor becomes the club’s 12th life member.
2004Jon McGough publishes a valuable booklet of Senior players’ statistics and Senior club records.
2004/05Shane MacGregor shares the “Ian Field” Medal as the best player in Shield Grade.
Shane also wins his 3rd Club Champion Award.
2005Julian Hughes elevated to Life Membership of S.D.C.C.L.
2005/06David Smith and Shane MacGregor play their 200th games with the club. They join previous 200-game players Don Bienvenu, David Waters, Julian Hughes and Mark Hughes.
Richard Davey becomes the club’s 13th life member.
2006/07Aman Gadgil and Michael Muttiah record the Club’s highest 1st Xl – 4th wicket partnership of 272 runs in a team score of 9/407.
David Smith and Mark Hughes receive the League’s 20 Year Service award.
Jon McGough becomes the club’s 14th life member.
2007Lindsay Alabaster publishes all Junior players’ statistics along with Club, Senior and Junior player numbers.
2007/08Shane MacGregor receives the League’s 20 Year Service award.
Warren Page passes 4000 runs.
U/17 player Ricky Alabaster takes 5/30 in 3rd XI match, including a ‘double hattrick’.
2008/09Shane MacGregor passes 5000 runs.
Macca and Ash Woodward record the highest 8th wicket partnership of 202 runs.
Jake Alabaster becomes the first Junior to score a Century playing in the Seniors (2nd XI) and did it twice.
Jake wins the 2nd XI Batting award as a Junior.
Amandeep Singh and Ryan Lester record the highest 9th wicket partnership of 123 runs (undefeated).
Lindsay Alabaster receives the League’s 20 Year Service award.
Rob Huggan becomes the club’s 15th life member.
2009/10Andrew Celle scores 229no (3rd XI) to create a new record for highest individual score, and also shares a club record partnership of 321 with Tom Wentworth.
A total of nine (Seniors and Juniors) Association trophy winners for the Cougars.
Shane MacGregor becomes the first Cougar to take 400 wkts.
1st XI – (Rnd 7) destroy St James Malvern Valley with the ball taking 8 wkts for 9 runs – Tyler Walsh 5 wkts and Clint Semmel 3 wkts.
Jake Alabaster wins the League’s Junior Cricketer of the Year.
2010/11Sad passing of club stalwart Mark Hughes (aged 45) – 34 years of service to the club.
Jon McGough steps down after 10 years as club Treasurer.
Shane MacGregor wins 5th club champion award.
Neshan Amarasena wins leagues under 15 bowling average and most wickets.
2011/12Outstanding season by Joel Baird, winning 2nd XI batting award (497 runs @ 99.4 with 3 centuries), 2nd XI bowling award (20 wickets @ 15.25) and Club Championship. Joel also won the League’s 3rd Grade batting average and aggregate awards.
Warren Page and Clinton Semmel achieve the League’s 20 Year Service.
2012/13Yash Pendenker wins the Leagues U/13 batting average with 231 runs and Thaveesh Attanayake makes the most runs in the U/15 League.
Ricky Alabaster takes 9/32 – club record for 1st XI.
Also during the season Shane MacGregor takes 8/49 and Joel Baird takes 8/78.
David Jensen joint winner of the League’s Bill Weedon medal in 2nd Grade.
Clinton Semmel takes 61 wickets (club record for 2nd XI) and also wins league’s most wickets and best average in 4th grade.
Jason Barrie becomes the club’s 16th life member.
2013/14Ian Timms scores 511 runs in 2nd grade
Rohan Walsh and Andrew Wright share first wicket partnership of 199 vs Chadstone in 2nd XI (4th grade).
Clinton Semmel wins the 1st XI bowling award for the 7th time.
Thaveesh Attanayke scores 511 runs in the U17s. He also wins League’s U/17 most runs (473), batting average (157.6) and the League’s U/17 Junior Cricketer of the Year awards.
Randitha Gunasekera wins League’s U/17 bowling average award (11.83).
Adam MacGregor wins League’s U/15 most wickets (16) award.
Yash Pedneker wins League’s U/13 most runs (232) and batting average (116) awards.
Thaveesh and Adam selected in Junior representative teams (Adam wins Scorpian’s most wickets and bowling average awards).
Shane MacGregor takes 7/60 in 1st XI losing Grand Final.
2014/15Passing of club’s inaugural life member Malcolm McGregor (aged 94).
Shane MacGregor plays his 300th senior game in round 2 vs Notting Hill Brandon Park, becoming the first player to reach 300 Senior games.
Ian Timms (145no) and Naqi Haider put on 80 for the last wicket to beat Burwood Uniting in the 1st XI.
David Jensen wins 1st XI batting award (with scores including 95 and 97).
Ashley Chandarasinghe wins U/13 batting average, most runs (305), bowling average (10.2) and equal most wickets (9). Also wins League’s U/13 Junior Cricketer of the Year.
Adam MacGregor wins U/15 batting average (102.3) and most wickets (17). Adam also wins League’s U/15 Junior Cricketer of the Year.
Warren Page becomes the clubs 17th life member.
2015/16Wayne Jewell becomes the club’s 18th life member.
Combridge brothers Jason (645 runs) & Sam (582 runs) dominate in one-day team.
Jake Alabaster is third highest run maker in Burt Shield and wins Club Champion Award
Ash Chandrasinghe wins U/15 batting average with 103.5.
Adam MacGregor takes out the League’s U/17 bowling award with average of 7.37 and is a key player in the Scorpion rep team.
Sarah Combridge in Girls U/18 and U/16 squads of Scorpions.
Wayne Jewell registers his 6th century for the Club and Clinton Semmel his second.
2016/17Andrew Wright becomes the club’s 19th life member.
Shane MacGregor takes 8/74 and Seb Henderson makes 523 in 1st XI.
Nev Sinnott compiles his 6th ton with Club whilst Shane MacGregor and Clinton Semmel both take their 600th Club wickets
Andrew Wright plays his 300th Club game.
Nick Crawford (429 runs) and Ash Chandrasinghe (425 runs) dominate in the U/15s and take out League awards along with Adam MacGregor who takes the most wickets and bowling average at U/17 level with the League.
Kris Lewscthenko wins the Club Championship with 441 runs and 16 wkts playing in 2nd and 3rd XI’s.
2017/18Clinton Semmel becomes the club’s 20th life member.
Don Bienvenu becomes the first club member to realise 50 years of continuous involvement with the Club.
Nev Sinnott compiles his 7th century and becomes the top century maker in the Club.
Warren Page takes his run total to nearly 7500 to be the Club’s second highest run maker and Clinton Semmel passes 550 senior wickets.
Kris Lewscthenko wins the bowling average in ECA F Grade with Nick Crawford making the most runs (489) in U/17 and Leroy Gunaratnam wins the League batting average (51.67) in the U/13 competition.
Andrew Celle took out the Club Championship following a good season with the bat in the 1st XI.
2018/19Club record of 222 for the opening partnership by Andrew Wright and Nev Sinnott in the 2nd Xl
Nev compiles his 8th century and with 538 runs and becomes the highest run scorer in a season in the 2nd Xl and had the most runs in C grade of the ECA.
Shane MacGregor takes 9/56 in the 2nd Xl whilst Naqi Haider captures 8/45 in the 3rd Xl.
Jake Alabaster compiles 529 runs in the 1st Xl to take out the Club Championship Award.
Ash Chandrasinghe wins batting ave and most runs in the U/17 grade and amasses 1943 junior runs for the club becoming the highest Junior run scorer passing Nick Crawford’s tally of 1856.
Chansika Kapukotuwa wins the bowling average for the league along with Samarth Gupta bowling aggregate
2019/20Richard Ballard is elected as the Club’s 21st Life Member.
David Smith plays his 300th Club game.
Clint Semmel takes his 700th Club wicket in 350 games.
Warren Page passes 8000 runs in 350 Club games.
Jake Alabaster goes back to back to win his 3rd Club Championship compiling 555 runs in the 1st Xl beating Andrew Celle 544 runs.
2020/21Graham Oppy becomes the Club’s 23rd Life Member.
Ian Timms compiles 620 runs to record the Club’s highest number of runs for a season in the
2nd Xl and is the Club Champion.
Shane MacGregor passes 400 Club games, 700 Club wickets and 8000 Club runs.
Jake Alabaster selected again in the team of the year for Burt Shield for his third consecutive season and Andrew Celle for his second successive season.
2021/22Clinton Semmel plays his 300 senior game for the Club.
David Smith awarded the best player in the 4th X1 grand final with an unbeaten 50 runs.
Jake Alabaster – 4th consecutive season, Joel Baird and Hemant Monty all selected in Burt Shield team of the year.
Kris Lewscthenko takes out the bowling av. in LOC 6th grade for second consecutive season.
Former Junior star Ashleigh Chandrasinghe is awarded a playing contract with Cricket Victoria.